Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Pandemonium Choppers Xs 650 Build Off (Part 6)

I finally got the frame cut and fitted together the way i wanted.  I didnt receive the triangular gussets or the top gusset with my frame, and i didnt like the way either of them look judging by the pictures ive seen online.  That being said this hardtail is build top notch by David Bird... Pure quality.

I cut off the frame rails closer to the front of the bike and got rid of the stock crossbar that connects the backbone to the bottom rails.  I bent a piece of tubing to connect the backbone to the lower frame rails.  Then i lugged and welded up the lower rails.  Made a patch piece to fill in the low spot.  I will still make a triangular gusset for the top of the hardtail, and will most likely either make a gusset or weld the foot peg mounts in a way that will strengthen that joint even more.

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