Monday, December 31, 2012

Propellerhead Aviation

Hung out for a few days messing around in my brother's hangar while i was in Florida.  Got to go up a few times with him too, and snapped a couple photos...

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Xmas Vacation

Went down to Florida for the holidays... Christmas was good, hanging out for the rest of the week and helping my bro work on some airplanes...

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bratty Sissy

Picked up some rod stock today and got started making a sissy bar for the xs brat.  Got a sweet tail light to use on the sissy instead of that played out model A.  Gonna mount the license plate on the bar too so that nothing will be hanging off of the side of the bike... Made some good progress so far.  After this is finished i should be able to get started with the paint!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Just got the frame for the mid 60s triumph bonneville back together after rebuilding the forks and fitting the hard tail.  Bike has stock cone style wheelset.  Debated alot about running a sporty front fork setup, narrowed with a spool... But decided to keep it a little more triumph... Should be a fun bike.  Soon as I get my new welder its gonna be full speed on this...

Motor is almost finished too.  Should be back from Uncle Stevie soon...

Wheelie Exhaust

Finally got the exhaust for the XT500 fitted and got all the leaks stopped.  This exhaust was way too expensive to have to re-bend pipes to get it to fit right...   Sometimes you dont get what you paid for.... But even more of an excuse to DIY.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

XT 500 Wheelie Pipes

Bought a set of new pipes for the xt500 to try and get ride of the huge stock pipes.  Definately will shed about 10-15lbs off the bike..  The pipes look great!  Stainless tig welded pipes.  Putting them on is a different story... I can get the head pipe on but the rest of the exhaust fits like dog shit.  Trying to figure out what happened... I should have just made my own set, but i wanted to get this thing on the road for the winter so i splurged and got a set... mistake. 

Anyways... contacting the company to see what to do... in the meantime i think im gonna but a headpipe off fleabay and make a set myself... *sigh*.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

CounterBalance Store!

Still trying to get my shit together and get some parts made to sell... Store is open now... but there isnt much to buy... Check out the store link on the sidebar!

Finally finished... CB 360 Cafe - For Sale

Well its been a long time in the works, but I think its finally finished.  And is now for sale.

Custom 1975 CB 360
-Shaved frame
-Woodcraft Clip on Handlebars
-Rebuilt Carburetors
-Custom Reverse megaphone exhaust
-Old style fork covers with custom upper tubes
-Custom Battery Box
-Small Style Battery
-Removed turn signals
-Custom Rear Tail section made out of metal
-Custom seat pan and vinyl upholstery
-Shaved upper triple tree mount
-New Front brake master cylinder
-New Bates Style 3.5" headlight
-K&N pod style filters

Bike runs great!  Starts right up and is a blast to ride.  It is a smaller bike so its a blast for an around town cruiser.  Have title... Also when I bought the bike it had around 4k miles on it.  I havent put more than a hundred miles on it since owning it.  Since the bike was finished i have put maybe 25 miles on it.... 

Email me for more details and pricing.  Or check out the new webshop!

Monday, November 19, 2012

CB 360 Cafe Racer

Here is a shot of the tail section for the cb 360.  Just need to layer on some clear and it will be ready to bolt up.  Should get the front disc installed tonight, and get this cleared and on tomorrow.  Finally got internets at the shop so i can actually update this blog regularly...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Picked up a winter bike this weekend... Been looking for a nice single for quite a while.  Was set on an sr500 for a while, but couldnt find one in decent enough shape to pay for. 

At the same time i wanted something light and nimble enough to ride all winter through some snow etc.  I came across this on CL and checked it out.. Picked it up much cheaper than listed because the dude couldnt get it started, I had to kick it over to get it started.  Then when you popped it into gear the clutch was engaged and it would kill the bike.  I got a deal.  Brought the bike home put it in high gear and rocked the clutch loose.. haha... was riding it 5 mins later...

This thing is gnarly... no top speed but man will this thing wheelie...

Learning about these real fast, but i already have a ton of plans for this guy... Ill probably stick to things i can change overnight/weekend projects, as i will be riding it most of the cold season... But it will be super fun...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Saw these pictures of this cafe xs 650 and I cant stop staring at it.  Definately gonna reference this for the next xs build I do.  Got one more xs on deck waiting...

Friday, October 26, 2012


Finally got my seat covered, and got my new tire in the mail.  Mounted the tire, and while i had the rear end apart i replaced the transmission drive gears with an 18t to give me a hair more top end. 

Got the bike together and it rides nice and tight now... can cruise around town easily and on the highway im not winding the shit out of the motor to get it to keep up with traffic. 

This thing is a blast to ride.  I think the last thing im gonna do is get a different tail light and make a small sissy bar to hold the tail light and the license plate...

 Here are my shop cats... wondering what the hell is wrong with me...