Monday, January 27, 2014

Counter Balance Cycles 650cc Floor Lamp

I work as an industrial designer during the day, and do most of this stuff in my spare time.  Ive always been interested in building furniture, so I decided to recycle a bunch of motorcycle parts.  More in the works.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

2014 Pandemonium Choppers Xs 650 Build Off (Part 7)

Well I got my tube bender the other day and decided to make a set of bars.  I fitted them so that they would bolt into any yamaha xs 650 triple tree.  Kind of like a pull back rabbit ear style handlebars.  I like them for now, well see how long i keep them on there.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

New Counter Balance Gateway Handlebars For Sale

Check em out in the store.  Some handlebars that are as narrow as the stock xs risers can fit.  Slight pull back.  Tig welded mild steel 7" high and 7/8" in diameter.

Xs 650 Calender!

Got this in the mail the other day.  Thanks to anyone who voted to have this build in the calender.  Im stoked!

Bmw Cafe

Got a few hours into making this rear tail section for this BMW cafe bike.  Ive been staring at parts and pieces of metal to make a custom tail.  Cut up and old gas tank, and hand hammered the halves to fit.  Have to patch the rear, and mount a bmw emblem.  Then i want to see if the battery will fit inside the tail itself.  Few more hours hammering and finishing and it will be time to cut the rear section.

Here is roughly how the tail will sit.  Still need to make a new seat pan and do some more fitting.

Vintage Road Racer Cb 354

Ive been dying to find a bike that could be used for a vintage road racing league up in New Hampshire.  Would be a couple hours drive every few weekends.. but would be rad to do. 

My buddy Mike found this thing cheap and we worked it out.  No paperwork, so it is perfect for a race bike.  I know there is a cb350 class, and there might even be a 4cylinder class for this engine size.

Either way im excited to tear into this thing.  Its a little rusty and has some broken bits, but most of this crap will be stripped or rebuilt.  Now i need leathers and a racing license...

Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Pandemonium Choppers Xs 650 Build Off (Part 6)

I finally got the frame cut and fitted together the way i wanted.  I didnt receive the triangular gussets or the top gusset with my frame, and i didnt like the way either of them look judging by the pictures ive seen online.  That being said this hardtail is build top notch by David Bird... Pure quality.

I cut off the frame rails closer to the front of the bike and got rid of the stock crossbar that connects the backbone to the bottom rails.  I bent a piece of tubing to connect the backbone to the lower frame rails.  Then i lugged and welded up the lower rails.  Made a patch piece to fill in the low spot.  I will still make a triangular gusset for the top of the hardtail, and will most likely either make a gusset or weld the foot peg mounts in a way that will strengthen that joint even more.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2014 Pandemonium Choppers Xs 650 Build Off (Part 5)

I got the frame cleaned up to the point where i could start fitting the hardtail.  Im not using the David Bird gussets because they didnt send any with my frame.  But I dont think i wanted to anyway. 

It looks like the only reason they put the gussets there is so that the side to side tube that holds the end of backbone doesnt move.  I can lug the bottom frame rails.  Fill the outer tubing so that it is flush with the rest, and weld in a new crosstube for the end of the backbone that will reinforce the hardtail joint as well.

Looks good in my head.  Just have a few more hours of fitting and cleaning before i can stitch it up...