Thursday, April 25, 2013

1979 Yamaha Xs 650 For Sale

This was my first bike, but it is time for it to go...

This is a riders bike.  Probably not a good fit for a new rider.

-Shaved frame - Stock geometry
-Firestone Deluxe Champion Tires - Under 300 miles on the tires
-650 motor completely rebuilt - Re-spec'd transmission with a welded crank - 3 angle valve job - 750cc Wiseco Pistons (Rebuilt By Thomas Racing Service in Indiana)
-Mikuni 34mm Rounslide Carbs
-K&N style Hi Flow Air Filters
-Boyer Brandsen Electronic Ignition
-New Bronze Swingarm Bushings
-Aluminum Starter Block off Plate
-New front brake master cylinder
-Stainless braided front and rear brake lines
-Tracker Style Bars
-Custom Batter Box
-New Regulator/Rectifier
-New Bates Style Headlight
-New Bates Style Tail light
-Custom Seat - Black with Red Stitching
-Custom Paint
-Custom 2-2 exhaust with reverse megaphone mufflers
-New 11.5" Monza Shocks in the rear

Bike is riding and running great.  This thing screams, and is a blast to ride.  There are under 500 miles on the bike since it was rebuilt. 

Bike was registered all last summer and will be sold with old registration (which is all that is required in RI).

If interested shoot an email to:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

XS 650 Motor Rebuild

I got this motor last year with the cylinders seized.  Took the top end off and one of the valves were stuck open.  Most of the rockers look good and tight.  But definately needs new exhaust valves and guides. 

Then we tried to get the pistons out... had to beat on the top of the pistons with a 2x4 and sledgehammer for about 20 minutes before the pistons finally worked their way out.. Should be good with a bore and new pistons/valves. 

A learning experience anyways...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Got some stickers made and they are up in the shop if anyone is interested... .

And I havent posted a picture of a cat this week.  Grimace judging me.

SOLD! Honda CB 360

Well, I put the Honda up for sale on the internets last week, and a nice gentleman came and bought it.  Picked it up last night with a shit eating grin on his face... hopefully it does him proud.

Goodbye CB 360

Monday, April 8, 2013

Boston Massacre 2013

Went on the Boston Massacre Ride this past weekend...  Had a blast... froze my ass off.... pushed my bike a few miles after running out of gas at the back of the pack... ended up making it to the meeting place fine... Bike ran great other than that.. success....

few pics...

Friday, April 5, 2013

Brat Riding

Got a buddy to get some pictures of the XS 650 Brat bike in action...

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Counter Balance xs 650 Seats

Just finished a couple of seats for two more customers... hopefully they get good homes...