Sunday, April 17, 2011

Need Sleep...

Well I spent most of the weekend in the shop.  Finished the battery box, and painted it.  Went out and got most of the hardware and wiring supplies that I needed.  Threw the old harness on the bike and hooked it up to make sure everything was working.  Cut all of the old harness out and made my own harness matching it.  Took longer than I wanted but I hate wiring.

Checked for spark and it was getting it.  Threw some gas in it and took it outside and it fired up second kick!!  Warmed it up and shut it down.  Let it cool as I worked on it more finishing some things up.  Then I just took it out for a spin around the block.  Felt pretty good.  Clutch needs to get broken in some, and the carbs are acting funny.  I think my fuel lines are feeding quite right.  That and i have to  balance the carbs better. 

But the thing scoots!  Have to take it out again after work tomorrow and work some more bugs out of it...

Here are some more pics.... almost there..

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