Monday, December 19, 2011

Employee of the Month!

Congratulations Grimace.  You are the Employee of the Month.  
Grimace's mouse hunting skills have surpassed all of the other current employees skyrocketing his cat career even further. 


 Vacation starts today. 
 Beer and a rest to start.  Then Ill see how much shit I can get done in the next few days...

 Splorg!  I cant believe money was paid for this bike.  Total shit.  Should be a sweet brat bike in a few months though.. Just starting to tear it down... then gonna cut into it...
 Hans bike back in the shop for the winter. 
Made a quick battery box for the Honda CB360.  Gonna start on the seat tomorrow and get it down to the Fredster for a cover.  Then all I really need to get buttoned up is the tail light, license plate bracket, and a inner fender/mud guard and it should be ready to ride.  Hopefully before Christmas... have a few days left..