Tuesday, June 19, 2012

79 XS 650

 Well I decided that the 2into1 exhaust I had on my Yamaha xs650 were too quiet.  It felt like the bike was making decent power with them, but the power was all at the top end.  I decided to buy a diy kit of pipe bends and flanges and make my own high pipes, as most systems you can buy like this cost almost 500 bucks... this was 75.
 Cut, weld, fit, cut weld, fit.
 Got the pipes all tacked up and fit pretty damn well.  Also made a quick bracket for my new headlight.  Got rid of those fork tube clamps!  Much cleaner. 
Blurry finished for the night pic.  Still have to shorten the pipes some and make some aluminum exhaust tips for them.  Right now the pipes will cook my rear shock... Which may not be a bad thing because they are stiff as hell... Im also gonna have to baffle these things... they are LOUD>