Sunday, June 19, 2011

Got a new bike!

Went to help Paul tune his xs 650 chopper...  Bike is rad, and a blast to ride...  Few little carb leaks to fix, and it'll be poppin wheelies...
 Brian 'Junk' Jablonski helping me with my new project. 
Not really mine, but kind of acquired it.  Looks Great!  Clean those carbs and should be ready to ride.  Haha...

Recieved my motor from the Guy at Thomas Racing Service.  First he messed up 4th and 5th gear...  Send the motor back to Indiana from the East Coast.  He fixed the tranny and sent the motor back to me with no kickstarter....  Scavenged one off another bike...  Then I found out that two or three of the bolts to the sump cover were stripped out.  Took the bolts out and they were literally only grabbing by two or three threads...   Cleaned the holes out with a tap, and put slightly longer bolts in there.  Seems to be holding the oil... only leaks about two or three drops after 30 mins of riding... better than leaking a quart overnight after getting it back from Thomas Racing Service.  Now I just have to finish tuning the carbs as Thomas Racing didnt do that either.  *sigh*  At least its running and riding now...

Thomas Racing Service is a rip off.  BEWARE!

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