Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Shop

 Grimace on patrol for mice.  Hes got two so far, and is on track for employee of the month.
 Finally got to start working on the 75 Cb 360.  This is gonna be a fun ride....

 Some pictures of the Kawasaki getting a physical.

 The shop when i started renting...

 This is the filter after riding the fully rebuilt Yamaha engine about 50 miles.  Pretty sure this isnt normal.  Had to pull the motor out of the bike and bring it to another mechanic.  I would try and tear it down, but I need someone who knows what they are doing... Might have to try and get my money back for this one..
Last picture of the Yamaha before I rip the motor out again (5th time).

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  1. A few questions: Are you still offering the XS saddle (like on the brown bike above), and what size tires are you running on the brown bike?


    Marcus, Austin, TX