Thursday, September 10, 2015

KZ 750 Twin Cafe Racer Refresher

Well Im getting this 1976 Kz750 Twin ready to sell.  I am planning on taking it to the Rice O Rama swap meet in Spencer, MA this weekend.  Check it out if your in the area.

I had been meaning to shave the front forks/rebuild/shave the swingarm, and replace/repaint the tank for a long time.  Selling the bike was the final excuse to get all of these done.

I am going to miss this bike.  I bought it to ride while i rebuilt another yamaha xs 650 and I have loved it ever since.  Its been the most reliable bike ive ridden.  Unfortunately i have a ton of other projects that i want to work on, so this thing needs a new owner.

I will post up some final pictures once i re-wrap the exhaust and do a few other final things to it.

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