Monday, February 4, 2013


Ive been trying to catch up on all the projects I started in the fall now that it is the dead of winter... Got the harley back together and all i have to do is paint the tins and it should be ready to go...

Started simplifying the wiring on the Kawasaki.  Just need to make some mounts on the battery box to hold all of the electronicals.

Also got the main frame parts of the brat style bike primed/painted/and cleared this weekend.  One more batch of stuff to paint and it should be ready to put back together.  Also was going to make this bike on the cheap, but decided to at least replace some parts that are necessary so I ordered some new needle head bearings, and some new bronze swingarm bushings... By next week I should be able to put everything back together and figure out what paint scheme im going to use on the tins...

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